Description Hardware models of the Acorn Electron and various peripherals
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Fri, 31 Mar 2017 13:30:20 +0200


7 weeks ago Paul Boddie Added options to configure the back socket arrangement, any holes in the back default tip
3 months ago Paul Boddie Moved the CartridgePCB subdirectory to the AcornElectronCartridge repository.
4 months ago Paul Boddie Added PCB dimension details and board outline workflow.
4 months ago Paul Boddie Added tag shapeways-3686237-20170107 for changeset c55f2c2b6ce4
12 months ago Paul Boddie Adjusted the height and introduced the missing break in the PCB support. shapeways-3686237-20170107
13 months ago Paul Boddie Added through-hole support as an alternative to the plug/socket mechanism.
13 months ago Paul Boddie Added tag shapeways-3686237-20160411 for changeset b2b99168f54e
13 months ago Paul Boddie Added resources for comparing versions. shapeways-3686237-20160411
13 months ago Paul Boddie Fixed positioning of the pieces when apart, renaming SPACE_APART to SEPARATION.
13 months ago Paul Boddie Added the alternative approach of removing the back cavity entirely in the


12 months ago c55f2c2b6ce4 shapeways-3686237-20170107
13 months ago b2b99168f54e shapeways-3686237-20160411
21 months ago 050422da2f7d shapeways-3686237-20150813
21 months ago 6d3bf06a7603 shapeways-3686237-20150804


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