Description Common routines for MIPS-based PIC32 microcontrollers.
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Wed, 14 Nov 2018 20:19:30 +0100


25 hours ago Paul Boddie Minor formatting adjustment. default tip
27 hours ago Paul Boddie Fixed the line copying routine to actually copy the data!
32 hours ago Paul Boddie Introduced the copying of line data needed when the start pointer wraps around.
47 hours ago Paul Boddie Removed support for the vertical scaling of images since it was complicating the
2 days ago Paul Boddie Demonstrate multiple sprites moving around at the same time.
2 days ago Paul Boddie Separated sprite position and key details from the plotting operation.
2 days ago Paul Boddie Added support for unplotting sprites using the viewport and background image.
2 days ago Paul Boddie Moved sprite positions out of the stored regions structure.
2 days ago Paul Boddie Introduced static font initialisation, modifying the font data format slightly.
2 days ago Paul Boddie Modified the image conversion tool for slightly better output.


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