Description A Mercurial theme for hgweb
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Thu, 28 Apr 2016 23:01:51 +0200


23 months ago Paul Boddie Replaced xmlescape usage with escape since it is only employed between tags, default tip
23 months ago Paul Boddie Added support for syntax highlighting, requiring a patch for hgext.highlight.
2014-03-11 Paul Boddie Added an overflow property to source regions so that wide content is scrollable.
2014-03-08 Paul Boddie Added some version notes.
2014-03-08 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-1-1 for changeset 28e4c77c27d1
2014-02-27 Paul Boddie Removed archive links for directories.
2014-02-23 Paul Boddie Removed inapplicable archive links for directories in the index view.
2014-02-23 Paul Boddie Fixed fragment and query parameters ordering. rel-0-1-1
2013-10-30 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-1 for changeset 63524fe1ec95
2012-07-10 Paul Boddie Added file links from changeset pages. rel-0-1


2014-02-23 28e4c77c27d1 rel-0-1-1
2012-07-10 63524fe1ec95 rel-0-1


23 months ago d7c03ac6cd58 default