Description Tools and resources for using Emdebian on the Ben NanoNote
Owner Paul Boddie <paul@boddie.org.uk>
Last change Sun, 16 Mar 2014 19:24:25 +0100


14 months ago Paul Boddie Added apt to the list of necessary (or at least very useful) packages. default tip
14 months ago Paul Boddie Added media eject note.
14 months ago Paul Boddie Added a test for a root-owned root filesystem to avoid problems with the
14 months ago Paul Boddie Moved multistrap configuration files into the conf directory.
22 months ago Paul Boddie Added details of locales, swap partitions, and setting the clock and time zone.
2013-05-10 Paul Boddie Updated copyright information.
2013-05-09 Paul Boddie Updated the documentation for Wheezy, adding an example configuration file.
2013-04-07 Paul Boddie Added console-tools to the explicitly installed packages.
2012-11-25 Paul Boddie Added a copy of the Wiki page describing this work.
2012-09-07 Paul Boddie Added sample configuration files and changed the installation of such files.



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