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2017-03-31 Paul Boddie Added options to configure the back socket arrangement, any holes in the back default tip
2017-02-16 Paul Boddie Moved the CartridgePCB subdirectory to the AcornElectronCartridge repository.
2017-01-17 Paul Boddie Added PCB dimension details and board outline workflow.
2017-01-07 Paul Boddie Added tag shapeways-3686237-20170107 for changeset c55f2c2b6ce4
2016-05-12 Paul Boddie Adjusted the height and introduced the missing break in the PCB support. shapeways-3686237-20170107
2016-04-23 Paul Boddie Added through-hole support as an alternative to the plug/socket mechanism.
2016-04-11 Paul Boddie Added tag shapeways-3686237-20160411 for changeset b2b99168f54e
2016-04-11 Paul Boddie Added resources for comparing versions. shapeways-3686237-20160411
2016-04-11 Paul Boddie Fixed positioning of the pieces when apart, renaming SPACE_APART to SEPARATION.
2016-04-11 Paul Boddie Added the alternative approach of removing the back cavity entirely in the
2016-04-11 Paul Boddie Fixed grooves in each piece that accommodate parts of the other piece, also
2016-04-10 Paul Boddie Cut out part of the front so that the floor is accommodated when the back
2016-04-10 Paul Boddie Made modules for the pieces so that they can be checked using a new intersection
2016-04-10 Paul Boddie Extended the payload floor to reach the back of the cartridge so that the back
2016-04-08 Paul Boddie Fixed the simple cartridge description; indicated the nature of the back cavity.
2016-04-08 Paul Boddie Introduced more parameterisation for a simpler cartridge, making rounding
2015-08-13 Paul Boddie Added tag shapeways-3686237-20150813 for changeset 050422da2f7d
2015-08-13 Paul Boddie Added a PCB feature and top surface configuration for testing purposes. shapeways-3686237-20150813
2015-08-13 Paul Boddie Repositioned the PCB in order to better test alignment. Fixed the PCB depth.
2015-08-13 Paul Boddie Increased the back depth by 0.5mm.
2015-08-13 Paul Boddie Increased the back payload depth, making the back wall thinner.
2015-08-04 Paul Boddie Added tag shapeways-3686237-20150804 for changeset 6d3bf06a7603
2015-08-04 Paul Boddie Fixed the sense of the PCB support holes on the test PCB. shapeways-3686237-20150804
2015-08-03 Paul Boddie Added a "short PCB" setting to enable the top "bump" in the PCB support struts.
2014-12-12 Paul Boddie Added model presets and support for wide PCBs and associated connecting lugs.
2014-12-11 Paul Boddie Fixed the comment about the back cavity in the connector portion.
2014-12-11 Paul Boddie Introduced explicit variables for the lower and upper extents of the cartridge.
2014-12-11 Paul Boddie Added a ROM cartridge mode setting and tidied the PCB generation.
2014-12-07 Paul Boddie Extended the floor of widened cartridges, also fixing connector outer surface
2014-12-06 Paul Boddie Introduced support for "left-justifying" a widened cartridge.
2014-11-24 Paul Boddie Separated the payload and connector widths so that the former can be changed
2014-10-10 Paul Boddie Fixed the edge connector tab alignment. Separated the back payload and connector
2014-10-08 Paul Boddie Added an option to turn off filleting for quicker previewing.
2014-10-08 Paul Boddie Rounded off the back PCB lugs for easier connection.
2014-10-08 Paul Boddie Rounded the extension of the back piece by making the "extra" part a separate
2014-10-07 Paul Boddie Added a PCB model for checking.
2014-10-07 Paul Boddie Fixed front PCB support positioning and made the floor depths more accurate.
2014-10-07 Paul Boddie Added configuration options for separating the pieces and omitting features.
2014-10-07 Paul Boddie Changed the back dimensions to only incorporate a minimum overlap, with extra
2014-10-07 Paul Boddie Permitted the configuration of various features.
2014-10-07 Paul Boddie Changed the cavity features around the base of the cartridge to use internal dimensions.
2014-10-06 Paul Boddie Introduced internal front and back depth measurements.
2014-10-06 Paul Boddie Changed the measurements to be based on an internal volume.
2014-06-10 Paul Boddie Simplified the PCB support positioning slightly.
2014-06-10 Paul Boddie Reverted the position of the "floor" to 13.5mm and reduced the thickness to 1mm.
2014-06-07 Paul Boddie Fixed the positioning of the PCB support.
2014-05-18 Paul Boddie Made side wall adjustments possible, increasing them from 1.5mm to 2mm.
2014-04-29 Paul Boddie Added front "lug" feature to mate with the back "lug".
2014-04-23 Paul Boddie Increased the front/back overlap for improved cohesion.
2014-04-23 Paul Boddie Made the depth of the back part more readily configurable.
2014-04-23 Paul Boddie Re-expressed the cutout measurements in terms of the groove dimensions.
2014-04-23 Paul Boddie Improved the expression of the inner edge cutouts.
2014-04-23 Paul Boddie Made the sides of the front part thicker with grooves to support the inner edge
2014-02-22 Paul Boddie Added the extra PCB support "bumps" inside the top of the case.
2014-02-22 Paul Boddie Re-added missing PCB support parameterisation.
2014-02-22 Paul Boddie Added PCB "lug" definitions and made module definitions for supports and lugs.
2014-02-22 Paul Boddie Introduced the slight "inset" of the PCB support.
2014-02-22 Paul Boddie Incorporated measurements from Dave H's CAD file.
2014-01-20 Paul Boddie Added copyright and licensing information.
2014-01-20 Paul Boddie Added a justify module in order to simplify some transformation code.
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