Description Acorn Electron expansion cartridge hardware resources
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Sun, 19 Mar 2017 13:06:16 +0100


2017-03-19 Paul Boddie Merged heads. default tip
2017-03-19 Paul Boddie Added copyright notice guidelines.
2017-02-18 Paul Boddie Fixed large hole width labels.
2017-02-17 Paul Boddie Tested Gerber output with only metadata changing.
2017-02-16 Paul Boddie Updated the netlist. Various library settings and metadata were also updated.
2017-02-16 Paul Boddie Added documentation, copyright and licensing information.
2017-02-16 Paul Boddie Added board outline details previously retained by the AcornElectron repository
2017-02-16 Paul Boddie Added the component footprint library to the project itself for convenience.
2017-02-16 Paul Boddie Added project metadata to the schematic and board files.
2017-01-24 Paul Boddie Added tag oshpark-648KdmKd for changeset bc230b5ea2ea


2017-01-19 bc230b5ea2ea oshpark-648KdmKd


2017-03-19 f6d90cacc131 default