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2013-11-05 Paul Boddie Removed the ApprovalQueueUser, making use of a special security policy instead.
2013-11-05 Paul Boddie Added documentation of the configuration settings. Tidied up the documentation.
2013-11-05 Paul Boddie Added initial support for user-specific approval queues.
2013-09-03 Paul Boddie Added a note about creating a special user along with a troubleshooting section.
2013-02-05 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-1-1 for changeset 715ac86352dc
2013-02-05 Paul Boddie Added fixes for page reviewer testing and MoinMoin 1.9 group page access. rel-0-1-1
2011-10-16 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-1 for changeset 598a4562d7f3
2011-10-16 Paul Boddie Fixed the module filename and improved the text slightly. rel-0-1
2011-10-16 Paul Boddie Improved the copyright text.
2011-10-16 Paul Boddie Added user approval when approving their changes.
2011-10-16 Paul Boddie Improved the help text.
2011-10-15 Paul Boddie Fixed the directive addition to pages so that a blank line is not added where an
2011-10-15 Paul Boddie Show an error instead of a dialogue when the page is not a queued changes page.
2011-10-15 Paul Boddie Added some documentation and packaging information.
2011-10-15 Paul Boddie Added support for MoinMoin 1.9.x around group membership testing.
2011-10-15 Paul Boddie Made it possible for queued changes to be saved into the target page as the
2011-10-15 Paul Boddie Added support for noting the unapproved user whose changes are being saved,
2011-10-15 Paul Boddie Removed initial space from directive values.
2011-10-14 Paul Boddie Changed the action to avoid saving the page if there is a conflict, opening the
2011-10-13 Paul Boddie Added support for merging competing edits, opening the editor on a page where
2011-10-13 Paul Boddie Replaced the page editing around the ACL directive with more general directive
2011-10-13 Paul Boddie Removed the commenting out of ACLs when queuing changes and improved the removal
2011-10-12 Paul Boddie Added a page which shows changes waiting for review.
2011-10-12 Paul Boddie Introduced approval of specific queue revisions.
2011-10-12 Paul Boddie Removed page signing, instead ensuring that queued changes can only be saved by
2011-10-11 Paul Boddie Made the queued pages accessible for reviewers, not approved users.
2011-10-11 Paul Boddie Introduced page-hiding by inserting ACLs into queued changes, requiring a
2011-10-10 Paul Boddie Changed the storage of queued changes to use a single subpage under each page.
2011-10-10 Paul Boddie Added "to do" items to their own directory.
2011-10-09 Paul Boddie Added a test to make sure that the action is only performed on queued pages.
2011-10-09 Paul Boddie An event handler that queues changes to pages for approval, together with an
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