Description Interfacing the Arduino Duemilanove to Am29F010 flash memory
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Wed, 28 Sep 2016 22:42:41 +0200


2016-09-28 Paul Boddie Reordered sections and added the 74HC08 pinout. default tip
2016-09-27 Paul Boddie Added support for using shift registers instead of flip-flops.
2015-08-29 Paul Boddie Removed superfluous Arduino sources and introduced binary size optimisation.
2015-08-27 Paul Boddie Fixed and improved the documentation.
2015-08-24 Paul Boddie Added introduction and Fritzing project details, broadening the licensing
2015-08-24 Paul Boddie Added PCB resources, notes and script.
2015-08-24 Paul Boddie Removed apparently superfluous failure handling.
2015-08-24 Paul Boddie Introduced a requirement for 5-digit addresses.
2015-08-23 Paul Boddie Fixed data pin I/O which made assumptions about pin ordering.
2015-08-23 Paul Boddie Increased the input buffer size, propagated the number of read/expected



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