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Reordered sections and added the 74HC08 pinout. default tip
Added support for using shift registers instead of flip-flops.
Removed superfluous Arduino sources and introduced binary size optimisation.
Fixed and improved the documentation.
Added introduction and Fritzing project details, broadening the licensing
Added PCB resources, notes and script.
Removed apparently superfluous failure handling.
Introduced a requirement for 5-digit addresses.
Fixed data pin I/O which made assumptions about pin ordering.
Increased the input buffer size, propagated the number of read/expected
Fixed address high portion initialisation in read and write operations.
Added support for controlling A16 when programming. Fixed the read examples.
Changed the programmer wiring for better routing in a PCB design.
Expanded the documentation, giving notes about testing and sector access.
Added software notes, Dual ROM Adaptor wiring details, and moved the Arduino
Changed permissions.
Added a verify-only mode for uploaded files, and made uploading/verifying stop
Added Am29F010 CE# logic for the Advanced ROM Adaptor.
Added the 74HC273 pinout.
Added dual ROM adapter and other addressing-related notes.
Added copyright and licensing information.
Close the port properly when exiting.
Added a device compatibility section and tidied up the Arduino wiring details.
Removed failure handling code. Added sector selection option processing.
Introduced convenience functions and added some failure handling.
Changed pin usage to avoid potential problems with pin 13.
Changed pin usage to avoid potential problems with pin 13.
Changed the completion detection to possibly be more correct.
Employed a special prompt, distinguishing it from the output.
Added a simple client program for uploading data.
Added a simple timeout to prevent the program from hanging.
Fixed erroneous program address high byte.
Fixed command delivery for erase and program operations.
Added tentative support for erasure and programming, with an attempt to sample
Using pin A5 for CE# since pins 0 and 1 conflict with serial communication.
Renamed the source file to reflect the actual IC in use.
Fixed the command definitions and pin usage; made changes to help debugging.
Simplified the interfacing, dropping the multiplexer and data latch.
Removed the output latch; introduced a multiplexer to separate the data channels.
An initial design using four 74HC273 ICs: three for output, one for input.
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