Description Conversion of Atlassian Confluence content to MoinMoin
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Fri, 16 Jun 2017 19:46:09 +0200


2017-06-16 Paul Boddie Introduced elementary support for layout tags, employing special sections, and default tip
2017-06-16 Paul Boddie Introduced support for multiple macro arguments along with some new macros.
2017-06-16 Paul Boddie Added some resources describing Confluence storage and format representations.
2017-06-16 Paul Boddie Attempt to add Confluence 6 support with modified export and document formats.
2017-06-16 Paul Boddie Tidying, adding note about PYTHONPATH.
2015-02-02 Paul Boddie Fixed handling of links in comment pages, which are represented by subpages in
2015-01-10 Paul Boddie Added missing link label tag support.
2014-08-12 Paul Boddie Support the reset parameter, redirecting to FindPage.
2014-08-10 Paul Boddie Added support for attachment downloads via the /download/attachment URL syntax.
2014-08-10 Paul Boddie Added notes about where certain operations can be performed so that they can



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