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2015-02-23 Paul Boddie Updated release and copyright information. rel-0-2-1
2015-02-22 Paul Boddie Made attribute interpretation more robust; removed redundant token stripping.
2015-02-21 Paul Boddie Attributes may be interpreted and must therefore not be quoted immediately.
2013-06-14 Paul Boddie Removed superfluous import.
2013-01-30 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-2 for changeset 66826fff6584
2012-11-29 Paul Boddie Updated the release notes. rel-0-2
2012-11-29 Paul Boddie Fixed unfinished column spans on the final rows of tables.
2012-10-07 Paul Boddie Fixed the version numbering.
2012-07-16 Paul Boddie Added a write parameter to the formatTable function for configurable output.
2012-07-13 Paul Boddie Consume space after row markers, avoiding indentation for text on the same line.
2012-07-13 Paul Boddie Prevented false recognition of line continuation markers.
2012-07-13 Paul Boddie Added line continuation syntax so that column text can be indented.
2012-07-11 Paul Boddie Moved formatting-related functions to MoinSupport.
2012-06-17 Paul Boddie Removed superfluous variables.
2012-06-04 Paul Boddie Updated the release information.
2012-06-04 Paul Boddie Moved parsing/formatting-related code to MoinSupport.
2012-04-18 Paul Boddie Moved section argument processing functions to MoinSupport.
2012-04-02 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-1 for changeset 91fed74cf3bf
2012-04-02 Paul Boddie Added documentation and packaging support data. rel-0-1
2012-04-01 Paul Boddie Fixed an example; improved the columntypes description.
2012-04-01 Paul Boddie Changed the section nesting syntax to use the general convention described on
2012-03-31 Paul Boddie Extract row and table attributes from all columns in each row, thus fixing
2012-03-31 Paul Boddie Minor whitespace tidying.
2012-03-08 Paul Boddie Fixed the extraction of numeric values from table cells.
2012-02-25 Paul Boddie Added support for inline preformatted text and more flexible nested region positioning.
2012-02-24 Paul Boddie Fixed row detection to avoid headings causing new rows to be found erroneously.
2012-02-23 Paul Boddie Added support for column and row spans so that the contents of a table can still
2012-02-21 Paul Boddie Fixed the appearance of alternative/opposite sort direction arrows so that they
2012-02-20 Paul Boddie Changed the presentation of appending columns to sort criteria.
2012-02-20 Paul Boddie Attempted to make the formatting of plain text work in Moin 1.9 without breaking
2012-02-19 Paul Boddie Added support for viewing, choosing and changing the sort direction of columns.
2012-02-19 Paul Boddie Changed the sorting to sort empty columns last.
2012-02-19 Paul Boddie Added support for specifying column types in table regions without any sort
2012-02-19 Paul Boddie Added missing stylesheet.
2012-02-19 Paul Boddie Permit already selected columns to be moved to the end of the criteria.
2012-02-19 Paul Boddie Introduced formatting of the headings in the pop-up elements.
2012-02-19 Paul Boddie Changed the sort controls to be a list of columns, with the selected column
2012-02-19 Paul Boddie Added sort column controls in table headers.
2012-02-19 Paul Boddie Added support for overriding the table sorting specification using a request
2012-02-19 Paul Boddie Introduced table data sorting according to a specification provided by the
2012-01-19 Paul Boddie Prevented the transfer of "rowspan" attributes from columns to rows.
2012-01-17 Paul Boddie Added copyright and licensing information.
2012-01-17 Paul Boddie Added support for separate sections within tables through the use of "quoted"
2012-01-15 Paul Boddie A table parser offering a more flexible syntax than the standard Moin parser.
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