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12 months ago Paul Boddie Renamed the utf8string class to unicode, eliminating the unicode function. This means that the simple case of merely returning an object if it is already a Unicode object no longer occurs when using the unicode callable, but such behaviour might be better supported with more general customised instantiation functionality.
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= APIs =
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The principal application programming interfaces (APIs) within Lichen are
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described below.
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== Modules ==
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When [[../Inspection|inspecting]] and [[../Translation|translating]] modules,
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common abstractions are used so that elements of the program are handled in
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similar ways. Various useful attributes and methods are provided by the
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`CommonModule` abstraction for use within `InspectedModule` and
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`TranslatedModule` methods:
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'''Attribute or Method''' || '''Purpose'''
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`name` || An attribute providing the module name.
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`get_global_path(name)` || A method returning the qualified name of the given
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                        .. global name within the module being processed.
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`get_namespace_path()`  || A method returning the qualified name of the
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                        .. namespace being processed.
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 * For modules, this is the module name
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 * For classes, functions and methods, the path incorporates the module name
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   and namespaces leading to the current namespace itself
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`get_object_path(name)` || A method returning the qualified name of the given
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                        .. local name within the namespace being processed.
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