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Made use of all the native comparison functions.
Simplified various operations in the generator and optimiser, relying on more
Updated the commentary about the method supporting sequence unpacking. tuple-optimisations
Introduced restrictions on privileged attributes, allowing internal access only. tuple-optimisations
Merged changes from the default branch. tuple-optimisations
Employed sets for attributes and providers referenced by accesses. This causes
Merged changes from the default branch. tuple-optimisations
Improved the tools, employing the program directory to find appropriate files.
Introduced the detection of a particular error before its effects cause a less
Fixed a deduction error to work with the revised location abstraction.
Take advantage of context testing when acquiring functions for invocation.
Introduced a class (unpackable) and method (__get_single_item_unchecked__) to tuple-optimisations
Employ __get_single_item__ invocations when unpacking sequences. tuple-optimisations
Added missing sequence length check when unpacking sequences.
Employ an explicit temporary variable for the object reference in __BOOL.
Added some tools to present computed information more accessibly.
Moved next method retrieval outside "for" loop bodies. Due to alias-related
Fixed alias retrieval for name accesses which had been using the wrong kind of
Made use of available reference information in order to determine the nature of
Simplify the logic around target usage for invocation contexts.
Changed target handling in the invocation code to eliminate superfluous
Allow -R (--reset-all) to ignore any missing output directory to remove.
Introduced missing instance accessor testing for static access operations.
Fixed accessor tests to raise type errors instead of returning zero.
Obtain the distinct set of accessor kinds. Fixing this breaks invocations of
Added an example of initialising parameters with defaults.
Added a section describing parameters as instance attribute initialisers.
Introduced parameter-based attribute initialisation for broader testing.
Added tests for attribute initialisation plus testing for duplicate parameters.
Support instance attribute initialisation using a method parameter notation.
Removed superfluous code distinguishing between parameters and other names.
Test mixing of \u and \x values in unprefixed string literals.
Permit usage of attributes in mix-in class (and base class) methods that must be
Test lambda usage in class namespaces (differs from Python's behaviour).
Added tag rel-0-1 for changeset a80de062b595
Expanded the download documentation and added a changelog page. rel-0-1
Removed tag rel-0-1
Added tag rel-0-1 for changeset e08d8986f0e1
Added wiki pages and documentation tools (from imip-agent).
Added a test of attribute assignment.
Used string formatting instead of the buffer class for string representations.
Represent exception flags within a single byte.
Removed superfluous method.
Added the bin built-in function.
Added insert and reverse methods to the list implementation.
Fixed default population where parameters are known with zero defaults.
Fixed the augmented multiplication operation for lists.
Reposition parameters that are not explicitly specified if necessary.
Added initial support for string formatting.
Added support for list replication.
Added support for left and right shift operators.
Convert operators with lists of operands to pairwise operator invocations.
Added the string representation of the node at which a NodeProcessingError
Added example return values to provide reference details from native functions.
Introduced a multiple outcome result which can be used to provide a choice of
Consolidated initialiser and return value code.
Fixed non-recognition of deferred references in non-module, non-function scopes.
Introduced location abstractions in order to be able to retain both access and
Fixed dictionary initialisation.
Incorporate invocation details in the alias output.
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