(0) -300 -100 -60 +60 +100 +300 tip
Added simple import and __file__ attribute test.
Added clear and __delitem__ methods to the dictionary implementation.
Support the -tb option again.
Implemented the get method for the dict class.
Make string representations of integers Unicode objects having an implicit UTF-8
Remove effectively duplicate references from the cached output. Such references
Reorganised the exception hierarchy to more closely resemble the Python one.
Raise an exception when a module is not found.
Extended NotImplementedError, raising it within setattr.
Support the raise statement with exception class and argument.
Added a test of raising SystemExit.
Record test program exit codes, no longer testing them for failure.
Added SystemExit support.
Make sure that __main__ is always present in the module ordering.
Added a convenience macro for testing instance compatibility.
Added some hashing test cases.
Updated tests.
Extended hashing to tuples as well as strings. Fixed sequence comparisons by
Added cexcept licensing information.
Added test suite and source code details.
Added help text and reordered some statements.
Added support for independently building and running tests.
Moved iconv-specific helper functions into the iconv module implementation.
Replaced errno usage with specialised exceptions because error numbers differ
Improved the string representation of OSError.
Encode non-ASCII values to avoid C compiler reinterpretation of string literals.
Expanded the documentation and added initial cross-compilation support.
Renamed the default output executable filename to _main.
Removed superfluous AST nodes no longer produced by the parser.
Fixed handling of "bad" tests, renaming the list comprehension test.
Removed if expression support from the grammar.
Handle syntax errors produced by pyparser.
Removed a superfluous error class.
Introduced a specific Lichen grammar, removing various unwanted Python features.
Changed the output directories, added output compilation (enabled by default),
Added a docstring.
Added initial general documentation.
Switched to using dictionaries for symbol and token name-to-index mappings
Introduced a special non-terminal node providing encoding information for
Added a modified version of pyparser (from PyPy) that provides parser module
Added stream flushing to make raw_input work properly.
Added support for readline on streams and the raw_input function.
Added GC_INIT portability call.
Introduced libgc for memory allocation operations.
Added explicit character encoding options for gcc.
Added character access to Unicode objects, moving special item access methods
Import names from the common, encoders and errors modules explicitly.
Broadened the dependency criteria to include initialised classes and functions.
Make function and method initialisation depend on module initialisation.
Filter module-level dependencies, condense dependencies to exclude
Test for the initialisation of the sys module.
Restored module-level non-static dependency identification (in addition to
Added a test of reading locale-configured text.
Introduced dependency tracking involving deduced attributes, special name
Do not inadvertently create deferred references when testing for objects.
Moved _max and _min into the span module.
Identify predefined constant names earlier in order to make them available in
Catalogue the references involved with dependencies.
Added a method to test whether an inter-module dependency applies.
Tidied up origin acquisition in the ancestors method.
(0) -300 -100 -60 +60 +100 +300 tip