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Merged changes from the default branch. attr-strvalue-without-size
Added a convenience macro for instantiation.
Tidied up table output and made use of convenience macros. attr-strvalue-without-size
Removed the size member from __attr, requiring strlen to be used to get the size attr-strvalue-without-size
Changed generated functions to use the specific types for positions.
Added module search path configuration using LICHENPATH and related options.
Introduced specific types for code and position information.
Restructured the __attr type to bundle related members together.
Changed various names to refer to kinds of objects rather than types of objects.
Added a manual page for the tool.
Added version information and an option to suppress timing output.
Made class- and module-level temporary names function locals in output programs.
Added another test of sequence assignment.
Avoid repeated processing of the program type information.
Introduced a warnings mechanism to support invocation-related messages.
Incorporated keyword arguments into invocation descriptions so that argument
Produce invocation warnings on standard error.
Merged invocation argument testing with reference identification in order to
Replaced the specific invocation-related details on results with the more
Enhanced attribute access modifiers to communicate details of invocations,
Introduced warnings about inappropriate numbers of arguments for invocations
Added missing step parameter to tuple.__getslice__.
Quote 2-digit Unicode values using \u, since \x encodes byte values in
Fixed various update operations and expanded the test of sets.
Added missing support for item and slice deletion, fixing the syntax tree so
Fixed method call arguments.
Raise TypeError when inappropriate arguments are given.
Added missing error imports.
Fixed internal mapping methods to accept explicit bucket sequences, preventing
Handle situations where a global accidentally refers to a built-in module.
Introduced generic mapping support for dictionaries and sets.
Removed a redundant function.
Obtain a proper __init__ reference when preparing class invocations.
Explicitly list program modules in an included file, avoiding problems with any
Tidied up built-in class location computation.
Restored UTF-8 source recoding and added support for concatenated literals.
Implemented appropriate character quoting for Unicode string representations.
Removed recoding to UTF-8 since this failed for ISO-8859-15, causing UTF-8
Made ord a generic function, introducing __ord__ special methods and Unicode
Obtain and reuse next methods instead of accessing them repeatedly on iterators.
Updated expected output.
Implemented the chr built-in function.
Fixed number-to-string output when the number is zero.
Moved C library functionality into a separate package, adjusting built-in
Rearranged iteration-related functionality within a __builtins__ subpackage.
Fixed native fdopen usage and the result of the fdopen function.
Moved the special attribute names collection to the top of the Importer class.
Removed Python path elements from the library search path.
Comma-separate the deferred references. Removed the cache format description.
Eliminated separate objects for bound and unbound methods, requiring that the
Adjusted the test and updated the expected output comments.
Fix the members accessed in __update_context.
Changed string and Unicode slicing methods with use of the generic sequence
Confine indexes used in slicing operations, returning empty sequences where
Added character quoting/escaping for __repr__ output. Reordered string methods.
Fixed the find and split methods, added lstrip, rstrip, strip implementations.
Implemented list pop and addition methods.
Added rfind and split implementations, fixing the end limit in the find method.
Added string multiplication.
Fixed some testing of string literal prefixes, moving b-prefixed string
(0) -300 -100 -60 +60 +100 +300 tip