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2017-04-11 Paul Boddie Expanded the download documentation and added a changelog page. rel-0-1
2017-04-11 Paul Boddie Removed tag rel-0-1
2017-04-11 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-1 for changeset e08d8986f0e1
2017-04-11 Paul Boddie Added wiki pages and documentation tools (from imip-agent).
2017-04-11 Paul Boddie Added a test of attribute assignment.
2017-04-11 Paul Boddie Used string formatting instead of the buffer class for string representations.
2017-04-10 Paul Boddie Represent exception flags within a single byte.
2017-04-09 Paul Boddie Removed superfluous method.
2017-04-08 Paul Boddie Added the bin built-in function.
2017-04-04 Paul Boddie Added insert and reverse methods to the list implementation.
2017-04-04 Paul Boddie Fixed default population where parameters are known with zero defaults.
2017-04-03 Paul Boddie Fixed the augmented multiplication operation for lists.
2017-04-03 Paul Boddie Reposition parameters that are not explicitly specified if necessary.
2017-04-03 Paul Boddie Added initial support for string formatting.
2017-04-03 Paul Boddie Added support for list replication.
2017-04-03 Paul Boddie Added support for left and right shift operators.
2017-04-03 Paul Boddie Convert operators with lists of operands to pairwise operator invocations.
2017-04-03 Paul Boddie Added the string representation of the node at which a NodeProcessingError
2017-03-31 Paul Boddie Added example return values to provide reference details from native functions.
2017-03-31 Paul Boddie Introduced a multiple outcome result which can be used to provide a choice of
2017-03-31 Paul Boddie Consolidated initialiser and return value code.
2017-03-31 Paul Boddie Fixed non-recognition of deferred references in non-module, non-function scopes.
2017-03-30 Paul Boddie Introduced location abstractions in order to be able to retain both access and
2017-03-30 Paul Boddie Fixed dictionary initialisation.
2017-03-29 Paul Boddie Incorporate invocation details in the alias output.
2017-03-28 Paul Boddie Changed the location notations and added output of alias information.
2017-03-28 Paul Boddie Changed various instance tests to use the special integer-testing function.
2017-03-26 Paul Boddie Moved literal instantiator definitions to the templates, reordering the
2017-03-26 Paul Boddie Simplified the tuple instantiator.
2017-03-26 Paul Boddie Use item access methods directly instead of invoking operator functions.
2017-03-26 Paul Boddie Adjusted the type for the conversion to integer of the size argument.
2017-03-26 Paul Boddie Fixed the initialisation of the size variable.
2017-03-26 Paul Boddie Detect names assigned locally that have already been used in a namespace.
2017-03-26 Paul Boddie Removed redundant code.
2017-03-26 Paul Boddie Keep temporary names declared in different scopes separate from each other.
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Made type-specific literal instantiation functions where the tuple instantiator
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Use the specific integer test function.
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Permit direct access to callable function members if the context is verified.
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Fixed method name.
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Removed obsolete temporary name reservation.
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Added specific support for initialising tuples, introducing a common empty
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Short-circuit boolean evaluation when either boolean value is present.
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Fixed xrange lengths when the step does not coincide with the range end.
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Fixed memory corruption related to obsolete argument list copying.
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Merged changes from the normal-function-parameters branch, making it the default
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Fixed function signatures. normal-function-parameters
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Merged changes from the integer-fast-paths branch. normal-function-parameters
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Merged changes from the integers-as-tagged-attrs branch. integer-fast-paths
2017-03-25 Paul Boddie Fixed the exit argument. integers-as-tagged-attrs
2017-03-24 Paul Boddie Merged changes from the integers-as-tagged-attrs branch. normal-function-parameters
2017-03-24 Paul Boddie Merged changes from the integers-as-tagged-attrs branch. normal-function-parameters
2017-03-24 Paul Boddie Added tests for integer operands, invoking integer-specific functions directly. integer-fast-paths
2017-03-24 Paul Boddie Merged changes from the default branch. integers-as-tagged-attrs
2017-03-24 Paul Boddie Test for the presence of the exact number of required arguments first.
2017-03-24 Paul Boddie Avoid target unwrapping if it has been done already.
2017-03-23 Paul Boddie Represent integers as __attr values with bit 0 set. Since pointers must be integers-as-tagged-attrs
2017-03-23 Paul Boddie Switched to using __attr values in many operations instead of using __ref values.
2017-03-21 Paul Boddie Allocate integers using a different allocator employing GC_MALLOC_ATOMIC.
2017-03-21 Paul Boddie Added support for an integer cache containing specific pre-allocated objects. integer-cache
2017-03-21 Paul Boddie Revert inappropriate optimisations causing the get_using test to produce
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