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2010-06-04 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Used primitive formatting of the HTML in order to avoid whitespace issues in the navigation menus. Added a pop-up hint for the search box, and added the search box to other templates. Adjusted table margins. Added support for search box highlighting, adjusting the display properties for the searchform element and the container element inside it. Added elementary search result presentation support. Adjusted the titles of the templates.
themes/mercurialweb/index.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/map themes/mercurialweb/search.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/searchentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/shortlog.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/static/style-mercurialweb.css themes/mercurialweb/summary.tmpl
2010-06-03 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Fixed the table in the index template. Added a shortlog template with search box. Added escaping of repository names.
themes/mercurialweb/index.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/map themes/mercurialweb/shortlog.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/shortlogentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/static/style-mercurialweb.css themes/mercurialweb/summary.tmpl
2010-06-01 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph A theme for hgweb and hgwebdir which resembles the Mercurial Web site and related Wiki theme.
themes/mercurialweb/footer.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/header.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/index.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/indexentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/map themes/mercurialweb/static/style-mercurialweb.css themes/mercurialweb/summary.tmpl
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