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2010-07-13 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Fixed the branches link in the tags view. Changed links in shortlog and branch entries to link branch indicators to changesets, not shortlog entries.
themes/mercurialweb/branchentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/map themes/mercurialweb/tags.tmpl
2010-07-13 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Added the manifest (files) view template. Fixed links to this template from the changeset view. Fixed links to raw files from the file revision view.
themes/mercurialweb/changeset.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/direntry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/fileentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/filerevision.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/manifest.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/map themes/mercurialweb/static/style-mercurialweb.css
2010-07-13 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Introduced floating of branch and tag indicators in the shortlog.
themes/mercurialweb/shortlogentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/static/style-mercurialweb.css
2010-07-13 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Changed "files" to "file" in URLs.
themes/mercurialweb/branches.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/changeset.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/error.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/filerevision.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/search.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/shortlog.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/summary.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/tags.tmpl
2010-07-12 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Introduced separators between file links.
themes/mercurialweb/map themes/mercurialweb/static/style-mercurialweb.css
2010-07-12 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Improved linking to the shortlog, permitting the addressing of specific log entries. Added various useful navigation links. Truncated wide diffs and sources.
themes/mercurialweb/changeset.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/filerevision.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/map themes/mercurialweb/shortlogentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/static/style-mercurialweb.css
2010-07-12 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Added error, filerevision and tags support. Added branches and tags support to the summary page, introducing a separate branch class in the stylesheet, with other classes modifying the presentation of branch labels/links.
themes/mercurialweb/branchentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/error.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/filerevision.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/map themes/mercurialweb/static/style-mercurialweb.css themes/mercurialweb/summary.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/tagentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/tags.tmpl
2010-07-10 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Improved changeset navigation. Left the shortlog pager sit in its natural left-justified position. Introduced formatting for log comments and fixed comment presentation in the changeset view. Added spacing between the footer and content above it.
themes/mercurialweb/changeset.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/shortlogentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/static/style-mercurialweb.css
2010-07-10 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Added changeset and "not found" page support. Tidied up the branch indicators. Made the search pop-up hint appear at a different z-index. Insisted that the stylesheet is UTF-8 encoded. Added the repository name as a heading on each page. Adjusted the column width in various entry tables. Added a branch status indicator to branch entries. Updated the copyright information.
COPYING.txt themes/mercurialweb/branchentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/branches.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/changeset.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/header.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/map themes/mercurialweb/notfound.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/search.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/shortlog.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/shortlogentry.tmpl ...
2010-06-11 Paul Boddie changeset files shortlog graph Added a branches page, although this is not compatible with older versions of Mercurial. Added "parity" colouring of tables, and made tables use the entire page width. Changed the "age" representation of dates, excluding the "ago" label which seems to be added automatically for recent dates in later Mercurial versions.
themes/mercurialweb/branchentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/branches.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/indexentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/map themes/mercurialweb/searchentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/shortlogentry.tmpl themes/mercurialweb/static/style-mercurialweb.css
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