2010-06-11 Paul Boddie Added a branches page, although this is not compatible with older versions of Mercurial. Added "parity" colouring of tables, and made tables use the entire page width. Changed the "age" representation of dates, excluding the "ago" label which seems to be added automatically for recent dates in later Mercurial versions.
     1 <tr class="parity{parity}">     2   <td><a href="{url}{sessionvars%urlparameter}">{name|escape}</a></td>     3   <td>{description}</td>     4   <td>{contact|obfuscate}</td>     5   <td class="age">{lastchange|age}</td>     6   <td class="indexlinks"><a href="{url}rss-log">RSS</a> <a href="{url}atom-log">Atom</a> {archives%archiveentry}</td>     7 </tr>