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Removed links to the branches view since not all Mercurial Web versions support
Fixed the branches link in the tags view.
Added the manifest (files) view template.
Introduced floating of branch and tag indicators in the shortlog.
Changed "files" to "file" in URLs.
Introduced separators between file links.
Improved linking to the shortlog, permitting the addressing of specific log
Added error, filerevision and tags support.
Improved changeset navigation.
Added changeset and "not found" page support.
Added a branches page, although this is not compatible with older versions of
Changed the menu entry capitalisation.
Added printer view modifications.
Added branch and tag information.
Added copyright and licence information.
Used primitive formatting of the HTML in order to avoid whitespace issues in the
Fixed the table in the index template.
A theme for hgweb and hgwebdir which resembles the Mercurial Web site and
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