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Fixed the get_float function. simpleimage
Fixed the get_float function.
Made the numeric types explicit, even if it is superfluous. simpleimage-shedskin
Added tag snapshot-20151010 for changeset cd6bc22cd40b simpleimage-shedskin
Update permissions. simpleimage-shedskin snapshot-20151010
Update permissions. simpleimage
Updated permissions.
Propagated documentation and related files. simpleimage-shedskin
Propagated documentation and related files. simpleimage
Added some documentation plus copyright and licensing details.
Moved image conversion to the extension module. simpleimage-shedskin
Moved image previewing into the extension module. simpleimage-shedskin
Propagated fix for half-resolution previews. simpleimage-shedskin
Fixed half-resolution preview pixel step. simpleimage
Moved initial image processing to the extension module. simpleimage-shedskin
Moved more functions into the extension module. simpleimage-shedskin
Moved the SimpleImage class into the extension module. (This seems to slow the simpleimage-shedskin
Moved the get_combinations function into the extension module. simpleimage-shedskin
Made a new module for Shedskin to compile as an extension module. simpleimage-shedskin
Merged tidying changes. simpleimage
Removed a superfluous function, made naming and result changes for clarity.
Merged repeated identical operation performance improvements. simpleimage
Perform processing giving identical results only once.
Merged channel operation performance improvements. simpleimage
Converted other channel operations to explicit RGB operations.
Perform explicit RGB operations for improved performance.
Experiment with a simple alternative class to Image for pixel access. simpleimage
Re-expressed various things to try and help Shedskin even further. shedskin
Simplified further, raising an exception in get_value instead of returning None. shedskin
Used more explicit coding practices to help Shedskin. shedskin
Introduced a separate main program for potential Shedskin analysis. shedskin
Moved various activities to their own functions.
Propagate errors to horizontally-adjacent pixels for nicer dithering.
Added tag snapshot-20151009 for changeset 4d2d36f84941
Removed the square function, made saturation/desaturation options float-based. snapshot-20151009
Fixed option handling at the end of the argument list.
Changed darken/brighten to use numeric parameters.
Added parameterisation of the darken and brighten options.
Removed the colour cache: entries seemed to acquire rounded probabilities.
Removed the nearest function.
Initialise the extra function properly for module usage.
Attempt to find the next best combination of colours when some pixel values
Balancing is just simplifying the probabilities.
Handle hopeless cases of no appropriate colours by picking an arbitrary colour.
Made the experimental square function application slightly cleaner.
Added documentation and copyright/licensing details.
Reduced the propagated error by half.
Reduced the propagated error by half.
Spread any error across two pixels on the following row.
Fixed the complement compensation code which cannot have had any effect.
Cache colour lookup results and avoid unnecessary pixel operations.
Added options for verifying the number of colours per row, half-resolution
Propagated colour errors between rows to determine the best colours.
Introduced compensation to complementary colours for those removed.
Introduced a distance-based approach to obtain suitable alternative colours.
Integrated the squaring of contributions as an option.
Merged branches.
Fixed the limiting of colour exchange.
Limit colour exchange to those below a certain frequency threshold.
Limit colour exchange to those below a certain frequency threshold.
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