2010-08-26 ink Changed trying to figure out vertical transition.
     1 {{{     2 This ReadMe is for a Python HTML5 Slideshow.     3      4 The code parses wiki markup and directory hierarchies to produce a slideshow, like that ones at, for navigation, and at for timed transition. It ought not to matter that the document is HTML4.01).     5      6 Use cases: Family album, Business analysis portfolio, File system navigation, Blender presentation     7      8 Current activity     9 	Python: Map files below "./", generating slide content from file and directory meta-information and then from wiki text file content. Put the result in a HTML 5 slideshow template.    10     11 Next    12    Python: Read wiki text files and parse their content into one or more slides subordinate to the meta-information slide.    13     14    Javascript: Implement the current transition model but in the vertical, not the horizontal.    15    Javascript: Edit Spacebar, right cursor action (go to next-sibling file or directory slide)    16    Javascript: Edit left cursor action (go to previous-sibling file or directory slide)      17    Javascript: Add up cursor key action (go to parent directory or ../first-child slide).    18    Javascript: Add down cursor key action (go to ./first-child-directory slide).    19    Javascript: Add Home key action (go to ./first-sibling slide||./root-level-ancestor slide||root slide).    20    Javascript: Add Home key action (go to ./last-sibling).    21 }}}