2010-09-02 ink changed README
     1 {{{     2 This ReadMe is for Python-based combined-output documentation tool. Python code parses wiki text to the listed multi-formatted output, in one file:     3 - text                        --search the web for ready libs that do wiki text->plaintext     4 - HTML4 basic content         --This wiki does wiki text->HTML4     5 - HTML5 basic content         --search the web for ready libs that do wiki text->HTML5     6                               ??      7 - HTML5 simplified slideshow  --combine and simplify, moinmoin's own with s5 and html5rocks to run a timed slideshow with inline SVG, audio and video     8      9 The standalone documentation file's HTML4 basic content is the fallback format. Javascript determines and offers available formats for the client. A 'try' function in Javascript allows graceful fallback error messages.    10     11 The code parses wiki markup and directory hierarchies:    12   produce a documentation or a slideshow with notes, ease and speed up file system navigation,    13     14 Do timed transition later.     15     16 It supplements Google-Chrome's view of a single directory listing to become a slideshow that details text content, metadata and, if applicable, header and/or mime info.    17     18    References:    19    20 view-source:file:/// (in google-chrome)    21     22    23    24     25    Use cases:    26 File system navigation, Employment, CV, Family album, Business analysis, Blender presentation    27     28    Tasks    29     30 Simplify Javascript and presentation code. Remove eye-candy, focus on navigability.    31 Python: Read wiki text files and parse their content into one or more slides subordinate to the meta-information slide.    32 Python: Map files below "./", put the result in a HTML 5 slideshow template.    33 CSS/Javascript: Implement the current transition model but in the vertical, not the horizontal.    34 Python: Generate slide content from file and directory meta-information and then from wiki text file content.    35 }}}