(0) +60 +100 tip
Added a test of packages.
Fixed importing from the current directory.
Added translation from "/"-separated names to "."-separated names.
Fixed 8-bit limited value rewriting.
Fixed loop handling somewhat.
Added a mapping of type labels to Python types.
Added better tracing of dispatch behaviour.
Fixed invokespecial for foreign object constructors.
Fixed class hierarchy so that the appropriate classes use the appropriate
Added type information to method names.
Added tests of dispatch according to object class or interface.
Modified invokespecial to hopefully find the appropriate methods to use in
Added a test of instantiation within an method in order to determine
Added UNARY_NEGATIVE support.
Added overriding tests to ValueSubclass, modifying Value.
Added an uncaught (and hence re-raised) exception to the testCatchFinally
Fixed the iinc translation.
Made the results of various tests more suggestive.
Added exception type checking.
Changed get_name to get_python_name in most remaining places of relevance.
Reverted the ret instruction's implementation to use return addresses.
Reverted to the proper initialisation method name.
Expanded the exception test.
Added a test of try...finally. Note that this exposes issues with revision
Fixed comparison plus branch (if_acmp*) by removing the comparison result
Added more test methods.
Added some test cases.
Added local variable usage tracking.
Changed the Python equivalent of to be a special __java_init__
Added usage of name translation.
Added initial name translation support.
Added supposedly improved exception handling in order to use Python VM
Removed the undesirable conversion to Unicode in NameUtils.get_name.
Added missing bytecode translations.
Attempted to provide proper bytecode output with 16-bit operands, special
Fixed shifting operations, observing operator precedence.
Added label-based jumping (rather than permitting only simple jumping
Added a class for the reading and conversion of Java bytecodes, moved the
Added proper support for integers, longs, floats and doubles, along with
Fixed array descriptor handling.
Fixed exception table population for CodeAttributeInfo.
Moved usage of struct.unpack into u1, u2 and u4 functions.
Initial revision
(0) +60 +100 tip