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Fixed source code filename acquisition.
Added "return None" for abstract methods.
Added a simple comparison test.
Changed the special notation for Java-callable methods so that methods may
Made i2c a null operation since char values are treated like int values in
Added .jar archive support to the import hook.
Added a test of subpackages.
Added method entries for Java access to the String class.
Added a test of java.lang.String.
Added tentative library implementations.
Added tentative library implementations.
Added tentative library implementations.
Fixed ldc* implementations.
Added importing of external names.
Removed the descriptor parsing mix-in class, making the methods global
Added workarounds so that exceptions may be represented by new-style
Added new tests.
Changed the new implementation to use object.__new__ and root classes to
Added a get_class method so that static and special methods can be
Removed avoidance of abstract class initialisation.
Added a test of switch statements.
Introduced class initialisation avoidance for abstract classes (although
Fixed long and double constant handling.
Added lookupswitch and tableswitch fixes.
Replaced apply usage with CALL_FUNCTION_VAR.
Added a test of class loading and superclass presence.
Added tests of static initialisation.
Added tentative support for class initialisation (although not enabled).
Added support for class initialisation method names and access flags
Added a test of field initialisation.
Padded out comments and loops for readability.
Added Java package and class data types and attempted to fix package/module
Made a better attempt at fixing module importing.
Fixed importing of modules.
Fixed apparent breakage of Python packages and modules with the hook
Adjusted the dispatcher method code, adding comments, where the only real
Added DUP_TOPX and SLICE+0 translations.
Fixed hierarchical imports.
Fixed LocalVariableAttributeInfo.
Fixed class names in certain cases to avoid usage of fully qualified names.
Added a test of packages.
Fixed importing from the current directory.
Added translation from "/"-separated names to "."-separated names.
Fixed 8-bit limited value rewriting.
Fixed loop handling somewhat.
Added a mapping of type labels to Python types.
Added better tracing of dispatch behaviour.
Fixed invokespecial for foreign object constructors.
Fixed class hierarchy so that the appropriate classes use the appropriate
Added type information to method names.
Added tests of dispatch according to object class or interface.
Modified invokespecial to hopefully find the appropriate methods to use in
Added a test of instantiation within an method in order to determine
Added UNARY_NEGATIVE support.
Added overriding tests to ValueSubclass, modifying Value.
Added an uncaught (and hence re-raised) exception to the testCatchFinally
Fixed the iinc translation.
Made the results of various tests more suggestive.
Added exception type checking.
(0) -60 +60 +100 tip