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2004-11-10 Paul Boddie Reverted to the proper initialisation method name.
2004-11-10 Paul Boddie Expanded the exception test.
2004-11-09 Paul Boddie Added a test of try...finally. Note that this exposes issues with revision
2004-11-09 Paul Boddie Fixed comparison plus branch (if_acmp*) by removing the comparison result
2004-11-09 Paul Boddie Added more test methods.
2004-11-09 Paul Boddie Added some test cases.
2004-11-09 Paul Boddie Added local variable usage tracking.
2004-11-09 Paul Boddie Changed the Python equivalent of <init> to be a special __java_init__
2004-11-09 Paul Boddie Added usage of name translation.
2004-11-09 Paul Boddie Added initial name translation support.
2004-11-09 Paul Boddie Added supposedly improved exception handling in order to use Python VM
2004-11-09 Paul Boddie Removed the undesirable conversion to Unicode in NameUtils.get_name.
2004-11-08 Paul Boddie Added missing bytecode translations.
2004-11-08 Paul Boddie Attempted to provide proper bytecode output with 16-bit operands, special
2004-11-07 Paul Boddie Fixed shifting operations, observing operator precedence.
2004-11-07 Paul Boddie Added label-based jumping (rather than permitting only simple jumping
2004-10-29 Paul Boddie Added a class for the reading and conversion of Java bytecodes, moved the
2004-10-28 Paul Boddie Added proper support for integers, longs, floats and doubles, along with
2004-10-28 Paul Boddie Fixed array descriptor handling.
2004-10-25 Paul Boddie Fixed exception table population for CodeAttributeInfo.
2004-10-23 Paul Boddie Moved usage of struct.unpack into u1, u2 and u4 functions.
2004-10-23 Paul Boddie Initial revision
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