Annotated TO_DO.txt

2011-09-15 Paul Boddie Changed the command syntax to require a method option before the method name. Flattened the Wiki instance hierarchy, putting the configuration, data, underlay and htdocs in the same top-level directory. Changed the location of MoinMoin 1.9 resources, installing them in the prefix hierarchy and copying only static resources into Wiki instances. Changed the handling of static resources with MoinMoin 1.9 to serve them separately just as MoinMoin 1.8 does; this makes performance much better when CGI is used under Apache. Moved the editing of the moin script into the setup method so that no attempt is made to edit system programs. Moved the example configuration files into their own directory.
paul@43 1
Generate limited hosting environment site descriptions.
paul@41 2
Add support for changing the wikis list in the farmconfig module.
paul@39 3
Support existing MoinMoin home directory installations into ~/lib/python2.x/MoinMoin.
paul@39 4
  This affects the page package installation function which expects to find
paul@39 5
  MoinMoin/ inside site-packages. Running "python -m" only works with
paul@39 6
  modules on Python 2.4 (although MoinMoin/packages seems to work) and appears to
paul@39 7
  confuse Python's import path on later versions (even if MoinMoin.packages is used).
paul@15 8
Avoid reconfiguration of existing moin script.
paul@3 9
Site directory detection.
paul@3 10
Enabled/available site listings.
paul@4 11
HTTP user integration and Apache user/group file editing.
paul@19 12
Support Xapian search and configuration.
paul@19 13
  xapian_search = 1
paul@19 14
  sudo -u www-data moin/bin/moin --config-dir=hgwiki/conf/ --wiki-url=http://localhost/hgwiki/ index build --mode=rebuild
paul@19 15
  Perhaps configure and install Xapian plus bindings.
paul@19 16
  ./configure --prefix={$moin-prefix} && make && make install
paul@19 17
  ./configure --with-python --prefix={$moin-prefix} XAPIAN_CONFIG={$moin-prefix}/bin/xapian-config PYTHON_LIB={$moin-prefix}/lib/python2.5/site-packages && make && make install
paul@34 18
Support OpenID provision (
paul@34 19
  openid_server_enabled = True
paul@34 20
  openid_server_enable_user = True # optional, for nominating pages as user OpenID URLs
paul@34 21
  openid_server_restricted_users_group = None # or a group name for OpenID users
paul@18 22
Support integration of additional theme material with themes.