2010-05-22 Paul Boddie Added support for installing themes and for setting the default theme. Re-ordered the arguments, putting superuser before the site name and front page name, adding the default theme as an optional argument.
     1 Site directory detection.
     2 Enabled/available site listings.
     3 HTTP user integration and Apache user/group file editing.
     4 Support Xapian search.
     5 Support OpenID and other authentication methods.
     6   Remember anonymous_session_lifetime for 1.8.x and cookie_lifetime for 1.9.x.
     7 Theme installation:
     8   1.8 has static theme resources in moin/share/moin/htdocs
     9   1.9 has static theme resources in moin/lib/python2.x/site-packages/MoinMoin/web/static