2011-09-14 Paul Boddie Introduced a special site-packages location setting where libraries are installed outside the prefix hierarchy. Added more specific error messages when unsuitable or insufficient settings are given. Added an example configuration file for Debian-compatible systems.
     1 Support installations without the conf directory structure.
     2 Add support for changing the wikis list in the farmconfig module.
     3 Support existing MoinMoin home directory installations into ~/lib/python2.x/MoinMoin.
     4   This affects the page package installation function which expects to find
     5   MoinMoin/ inside site-packages. Running "python -m" only works with
     6   modules on Python 2.4 (although MoinMoin/packages seems to work) and appears to
     7   confuse Python's import path on later versions (even if MoinMoin.packages is used).
     8 Avoid reconfiguration of existing moin script.
     9 Site directory detection.
    10 Enabled/available site listings.
    11 HTTP user integration and Apache user/group file editing.
    12 Support Xapian search and configuration.
    13   xapian_search = 1
    14   sudo -u www-data moin/bin/moin --config-dir=hgwiki/conf/ --wiki-url=http://localhost/hgwiki/ index build --mode=rebuild
    15   Perhaps configure and install Xapian plus bindings.
    16   ./configure --prefix={$moin-prefix} && make && make install
    17   ./configure --with-python --prefix={$moin-prefix} XAPIAN_CONFIG={$moin-prefix}/bin/xapian-config PYTHON_LIB={$moin-prefix}/lib/python2.5/site-packages && make && make install
    18 Support OpenID provision (
    19   openid_server_enabled = True
    20   openid_server_enable_user = True # optional, for nominating pages as user OpenID URLs
    21   openid_server_restricted_users_group = None # or a group name for OpenID users
    22 Support integration of additional theme material with themes.