2011-02-22 Paul Boddie Added an example configuration that would lead to limited hosting in a particular directory, requiring .htaccess and mod_rewrite tricks.
     1 Avoid reconfiguration of existing moin script.
     2 Site directory detection.
     3 Enabled/available site listings.
     4 HTTP user integration and Apache user/group file editing.
     5 Support Xapian search and configuration.
     6   xapian_search = 1
     7   sudo -u www-data moin/bin/moin --config-dir=hgwiki/conf/ --wiki-url=http://localhost/hgwiki/ index build --mode=rebuild
     8   Perhaps configure and install Xapian plus bindings.
     9   ./configure --prefix={$moin-prefix} && make && make install
    10   ./configure --with-python --prefix={$moin-prefix} XAPIAN_CONFIG={$moin-prefix}/bin/xapian-config PYTHON_LIB={$moin-prefix}/lib/python2.5/site-packages && make && make install
    11 Support OpenID and other authentication methods.
    12   Remember anonymous_session_lifetime for 1.8.x and cookie_lifetime for 1.9.x.
    13 Support integration of additional theme material with themes.