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Changed the script to require a method argument.
Added methods to install actions, macros, general plugins and additional theme
Make configuration setting comment removal more flexible.
Added the potentially missing directory when installing the theme.
Fixed URL path normalisation.
Added support for installation in a published Web directory controlled by a
Split the script installation/configuration into separate methods covering each
Introduced a class for editing the file.
Added SlideShow action resources installation upon installing a theme.
Removed theme installation from the list.
Added support for installing themes and for setting the default theme.
Moved directory testing and creation into a separate method.
Introduced cmdsyntax usage in order to support more convenient option parsing
Added more things to do around search and authentication.
Added support for installing from a Mercurial checkout (at least with 1.9.x era
Removed the use of private site definitions in favour of setting up a superuser
A "to do" list.
Converted the setup function into a class, dividing the work between a number of
Added support for a Web sites directory (such as sites-available), along with
Installation and initialisation of MoinMoin Wiki sites.
(0) +60 tip