(0) -60 tip
Changed the post-install scripts to support filenames containing spaces.
Simplified the mechanism providing different post-installation scripts.
Added missing xargs commands.
Introduced stricter file permissions and plugin compilation upon deployment.
Introduced concrete Python executable substitution for the moin and CGI scripts.
Attempted to generate cleaner URLs for use with mod_rewrite directives.
Consolidated PYTHONPATH management into common methods.
Fixed program invocations to use the same executable as the one running moinsetup.
Added support for making hierarchical page packages.
Added feedback on hosting in the show_config method.
Added Web user and group settings.
Added support for changing the ownership/permissions of in the
Fixed an initialisation error when the static URL path is absent.
Added more documentation about the examples along with a SourceForge example.
Added DirectoryIndex usage in generated .htaccess files.
Added support for separate static resources URL paths.
Added exception handling where theme directories cannot be accessed.
Added listing of theme directories to the show_config method.
Added calculated settings to the show_config method.
Attempt to use both the distribution and installed Moin to identify the Moin version.
Added tag rel-0-3 for changeset 5fcdbeb48edc
Added an event handler installation method. rel-0-3
Added important notice related to command option processing.
Made the superuser setting optional.
Added support for preserving the site files when migrating Wiki instances.
Added tests for the presence of resources to be moved in the target location,
Added support for migrating Wiki instances to the new layout.
Changed the page package installation script environment to include specific
Added a method that shows the configuration settings including computed settings.
Added support for placing the static resources in a nominated directory even
Changed the command syntax to require a method option before the method name.
Introduced a special site-packages location setting where libraries are
Added initial support for special farmconfig and Wiki configuration locations
Made various changes to support a shared data directory such as those provided
Added notes on home directory installation issues and finding the MoinMoin/ file.
Added tag rel-0-2 for changeset 7741336b3c6c
OpenID is now supported as a login mechanism. rel-0-2
Added a description of limited hosting environments and the static content
Added a parser installation action.
Improved configuration editing involving import statements.
Introduced templates for the post-setup scripts, adding support for the use of
Added an example configuration that would lead to limited hosting in a
Moved the common_dir setting into the site section, although this currently
Introduced a static resources directory setting, and made this new setting and
Fixed the licence file reference.
Added tag rel-0-1 for changeset f6b8931f1c89
Added documentation, copyright and licensing information. rel-0-1
Added support for getting configuration setting values.
Added methods for making page packages and installing them.
Introduced configuration file usage instead of having to specify everything as
Changed the static URL path to not conflict with the CGI URL path for Wiki
Added help text for the supported methods.
Added note messages.
Added extension package installation and stylesheet integration, adjusting the
Changed the script to require a method argument.
Added methods to install actions, macros, general plugins and additional theme
Make configuration setting comment removal more flexible.
Added the potentially missing directory when installing the theme.
Fixed URL path normalisation.
Added support for installation in a published Web directory controlled by a
(0) -60 tip