hg export [OPTION]... [-o OUTFILESPEC] [-r] [REV]...

dump the header and diffs for one or more changesets

    Print the changeset header and diffs for one or more revisions.
    If no revision is given, the parent of the working directory is used.

    The information shown in the changeset header is: author, date,
    branch name (if non-default), changeset hash, parent(s) and commit

    .. note::

       :hg:`export` may generate unexpected diff output for merge
       changesets, as it will compare the merge changeset against its
       first parent only.

    Output may be to a file, in which case the name of the file is
    given using a template string. See :hg:`help templates`. In addition
    to the common template keywords, the following formatting rules are

    :``%%``: literal "%" character
    :``%H``: changeset hash (40 hexadecimal digits)
    :``%N``: number of patches being generated
    :``%R``: changeset revision number
    :``%b``: basename of the exporting repository
    :``%h``: short-form changeset hash (12 hexadecimal digits)
    :``%m``: first line of the commit message (only alphanumeric characters)
    :``%n``: zero-padded sequence number, starting at 1
    :``%r``: zero-padded changeset revision number
    :``\``: literal "\" character

    Without the -a/--text option, export will avoid generating diffs
    of files it detects as binary. With -a, export will generate a
    diff anyway, probably with undesirable results.

    With -B/--bookmark changesets reachable by the given bookmark are

    Use the -g/--git option to generate diffs in the git extended diff
    format. See :hg:`help diffs` for more information.

    With the --switch-parent option, the diff will be against the
    second parent. It can be useful to review a merge.

    .. container:: verbose


      The following keywords are supported in addition to the common template
      keywords and functions. See also :hg:`help templates`.

      :diff:    String. Diff content.
      :parents: List of strings. Parent nodes of the changeset.


      - use export and import to transplant a bugfix to the current

          hg export -r 9353 | hg import -

      - export all the changesets between two revisions to a file with
        rename information::

          hg export --git -r 123:150 > changes.txt

      - split outgoing changes into a series of patches with
        descriptive names::

          hg export -r "outgoing()" -o "%n-%m.patch"

    Returns 0 on success.

options ([+] can be repeated):

 == =================== ===============================================
 -B --bookmark BOOKMARK export changes only reachable by given bookmark
 -o --output FORMAT     print output to file with formatted name       
    --switch-parent     diff against the second parent                 
 -r --rev REV [+]       revisions to export                            
 -a --text              treat all files as text                        
 -g --git               use git extended diff format                   
    --binary            generate binary diffs in git mode (default)    
    --nodates           omit dates from diff headers                   
 -T --template TEMPLATE display with template                          
 == =================== ===============================================

global options ([+] can be repeated):

 == =================== ==================================================================
 -R --repository REPO   repository root directory or name of overlay bundle file          
    --cwd DIR           change working directory                                          
 -y --noninteractive    do not prompt, automatically pick the first choice for all prompts
 -q --quiet             suppress output                                                   
 -v --verbose           enable additional output                                          
    --color TYPE        when to colorize (boolean, always, auto, never, or debug)         
    --config CONFIG [+] set/override config option (use '')             
    --debug             enable debugging output                                           
    --debugger          start debugger                                                    
    --encoding ENCODE   set the charset encoding (default: ascii)                         
    --encodingmode MODE set the charset encoding mode (default: strict)                   
    --traceback         always print a traceback on exception                             
    --time              time how long the command takes                                   
    --profile           print command execution profile                                   
    --version           output version information and exit                               
 -h --help              display help and exit                                             
    --hidden            consider hidden changesets                                        
    --pager TYPE        when to paginate (boolean, always, auto, or never) (default: auto)
 == =================== ==================================================================