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2011-09-14 Paul Boddie Introduced a special site-packages location setting where libraries are
2011-09-13 Paul Boddie Added initial support for special farmconfig and Wiki configuration locations
2011-08-28 Paul Boddie Made various changes to support a shared data directory such as those provided
2011-06-26 Paul Boddie Added notes on home directory installation issues and finding the MoinMoin/ file.
2011-06-25 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-2 for changeset 7741336b3c6c
2011-06-25 Paul Boddie OpenID is now supported as a login mechanism. rel-0-2
2011-06-25 Paul Boddie Added a description of limited hosting environments and the static content
2011-05-28 Paul Boddie Added a parser installation action.
2011-04-15 Paul Boddie Improved configuration editing involving import statements.
2011-02-23 Paul Boddie Introduced templates for the post-setup scripts, adding support for the use of
2011-02-22 Paul Boddie Added an example configuration that would lead to limited hosting in a
2011-02-22 Paul Boddie Moved the common_dir setting into the site section, although this currently
2011-02-22 Paul Boddie Introduced a static resources directory setting, and made this new setting and
2011-02-19 Paul Boddie Fixed the licence file reference.
2011-02-17 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-1 for changeset f6b8931f1c89
2011-02-17 Paul Boddie Added documentation, copyright and licensing information. rel-0-1
2011-02-16 Paul Boddie Added support for getting configuration setting values.
2010-12-19 Paul Boddie Added methods for making page packages and installing them.
2010-11-19 Paul Boddie Introduced configuration file usage instead of having to specify everything as
2010-07-01 Paul Boddie Changed the static URL path to not conflict with the CGI URL path for Wiki
2010-07-01 Paul Boddie Added help text for the supported methods.
2010-06-26 Paul Boddie Added note messages.
2010-06-10 Paul Boddie Added extension package installation and stylesheet integration, adjusting the
2010-06-08 Paul Boddie Changed the script to require a method argument.
2010-06-07 Paul Boddie Added methods to install actions, macros, general plugins and additional theme
2010-05-26 Paul Boddie Make configuration setting comment removal more flexible.
2010-05-26 Paul Boddie Added the potentially missing directory when installing the theme.
2010-05-26 Paul Boddie Fixed URL path normalisation.
2010-05-26 Paul Boddie Added support for installation in a published Web directory controlled by a
2010-05-25 Paul Boddie Split the script installation/configuration into separate methods covering each
2010-05-24 Paul Boddie Introduced a class for editing the file.
2010-05-23 Paul Boddie Added SlideShow action resources installation upon installing a theme.
2010-05-23 Paul Boddie Removed theme installation from the list.
2010-05-22 Paul Boddie Added support for installing themes and for setting the default theme.
2010-05-13 Paul Boddie Moved directory testing and creation into a separate method.
2010-05-13 Paul Boddie Introduced cmdsyntax usage in order to support more convenient option parsing
2010-05-08 Paul Boddie Added more things to do around search and authentication.
2010-05-08 Paul Boddie Added support for installing from a Mercurial checkout (at least with 1.9.x era
2010-05-04 Paul Boddie Removed the use of private site definitions in favour of setting up a superuser
2010-05-04 Paul Boddie A "to do" list.
2010-05-03 Paul Boddie Converted the setup function into a class, dividing the work between a number of
2010-05-01 Paul Boddie Added support for a Web sites directory (such as sites-available), along with
2010-04-13 Paul Boddie Installation and initialisation of MoinMoin Wiki sites.
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