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2010-05-13 Paul Boddie Introduced cmdsyntax usage in order to support more convenient option parsing
2010-05-08 Paul Boddie Added more things to do around search and authentication.
2010-05-08 Paul Boddie Added support for installing from a Mercurial checkout (at least with 1.9.x era
2010-05-04 Paul Boddie Removed the use of private site definitions in favour of setting up a superuser
2010-05-04 Paul Boddie A "to do" list.
2010-05-03 Paul Boddie Converted the setup function into a class, dividing the work between a number of
2010-05-01 Paul Boddie Added support for a Web sites directory (such as sites-available), along with
2010-04-13 Paul Boddie Installation and initialisation of MoinMoin Wiki sites.
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