Description Debian chroot and User Mode Linux deployment and management
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Sat, 30 Jun 2018 21:37:34 +0200


2018-06-30 Paul Boddie Initialise /etc/mtab if not present. default tip
2015-09-27 Paul Boddie Copy more recently built kernels into the current directory.
2015-09-27 Paul Boddie Added notes about Linux kernel installation and root password initialisation.
2015-09-27 Paul Boddie Added /dev/pts to the bind-mounted filesystems.
2015-09-27 Paul Boddie Fixed the Linux build script name.
2015-01-15 Paul Boddie Insist on explicit mirrors for multistrapped systems.
2015-01-15 Paul Boddie Attempt to provide suitable repository definitions for multistrapped systems.
2015-01-15 Paul Boddie Handled archive downloading and unpacking failures.
2015-01-15 Paul Boddie Removed the superfluous MAC address from the network options.
2015-01-15 Paul Boddie Made the installation media optional in the mounted filesystems.


2012-04-02 23d8f07c9537 rel-0-2
2007-08-27 c42c5a534f78 rel-0-1


2018-06-30 ad8f789a191c default